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Almost incidentally started Casaro’s second career: For the first release of the movie LION KING Disney-Productions was organizing an auction for the benefit of UNICEF. Casaro placed a painting at Disney’s disposal: his first Lions in oil on canvas.

In the years of his intensive work for the international film studios he searched his balance far away from the glittering movie-world. However it was a movie taking him to Africa for the first time. The adaption to the screen of Hemingway's THE SNOWS OF KILIMANJARO created to him the  unappeasable desire, to discover the BLACK CONTINENT.

In 1985 he started to travel in the African bush and succumbed to the fascination of it – the wide landscapes with its unique wildlife, where surviving is a constant struggle, the unique atmosphere. The call of Africa takes him back now every year passing about 6 weeks in the bush, observing the wild animals, drawing hundreds of sketches and designs.

Back in the studio he transposes his impressions and emotions on canvas, paintings bearing witness of the Black Continent, breathtaking and true as the sources from whence they originated.

Who knows Africa, knows about the sincerity in Casaro’s paintings.

The Big Five - Limited Edition

Prints by Renato Casaro

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46x32,5 cm/18x13 inches  Price per single piece
€ 550 unframed/ohne Rahmen

1 set of 5 images together
€ 2.500  unframed/ohne Rahmen

each plus part of shipment.

Druck von Original-Zeichnungen von Renato Casaro - Büttenpapier

Print from original designs by Renato Casaro on handmade paper

handcoloriert und handnumeriert

handcoloured and handsigned  

limitted edition/limittierte

Auflage 50 Stück/pieces 

© Renato Casaro

THE BIG FIVE - Black and White

Price/Preis pro Blatt

46x32,5 cm/18x13 inches

€ 150  unframed/ohne Rahmen

42x29,7 cm/17x12 inches

€ 120 unframed/ohne Rahmen

29,7x21 cm/12x8 inches

€ 80 unframed/ohne Rahmen

1 set of 5 images together

1 Satz von 5 Blättern zusammen

€ 700  big size/groß

€ 550  middle size/Mittelformat

€ 350  small size/Kleinformat

each plus part of shipment.

limittierte Auflage/limitted edition 100 Stück/pieces

Druck s/w  nach Original Zeichnung von Renato Casaro auf Büttenpapier

b/w print from an original design by Renato Casaro on handmade paper

numeriert und handsigniert/handnumbered and signed

erhältlich in/available in Größe/size

46x32,5 cm/18x13 inches   

29,7x21 cm/12x8 inches

© Renato Casaro

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