Movie Poster Sketches

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Casaro Renato

Art Studio & Gallery

Nearly 20 years have past since the hand-painted movie-poster has disappeared and was replaced by Photoshop. 

If one want to describe nowadays how a movie-poster have been created before this time, you have to start with..Once upon a time...,when the poster-pattern was - with a few exceptions – hand-painted. One of the big names and at the same time the lastone of this guild is Renato Casaro. For almost 40 years he practised his profession, giving the movie a face, creating movie-posters with enormous recognition, many of them became cult. There is no longer lasting career in the movie-painter-circle than Casaro’s.

At that time the final artwork for a movie-poster was gained through numerous handpainted sketches and designs in b/w and colour. Sometimes 2-3 proposals were sufficient to decide the image for the final art, but very often also up to ten or more, if one includes the previous first scribbles.

Casaro kept his work over the years most carefully – therefore many pieces of his movie- art are preserved in best conditions. A big number of his original sketches from various periods – beside of his collection of final artworks - are included in his archives – an important part of movie- as well as contemporary history.

Because of many inquiries by collectors he now decided to open his archives partly.

For the very first time it will be possible to purchase ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC SKETCHES

developed by Renato Casaro for movie-poster-campaigns. We GUARANTEE THE AUTHENTICITY of each sketch by giving a certificate for each piece, originally signed by the artist.

From many of the sketches we also own the Final Keyarts, which were the pattern to print the movie-poster. These originals are not for single sales – this unique collection shall be conserved as unity.


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