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Taking his fascination with filmdom one stage further, Casaro's series of works, PAINTED MOVIES, create visual compositions which capture the myth of film and bear witness to the artist's love of cinema. Some are inspired by the Old Masters of the Italian Renaissance, declaring his love for the legends of film as well as for the art of painting. If his movie-posters are visualized fantasies, then his PAINTED MOVIES are fantastic and personal visions of Casaro's favorite movie-stars, such as Marylyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Grace Kelly, Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, Jean Gabin, John Wayne immortalized for example on his paintings INVITATION, 100 YEARS OF FILM, A STAR IS BORN, PARADISE VIEW, TOUCH - creating a kind of HOLLYWOOD-RENAISSANCE.

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Original paintings by Renato Casaro

Painted Movies

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100x160 cm / 39,37x62,99 inches

Oil on canvas

Price on request

© Renato Casaro